Tokenization Platform

Key benefits

  • Fractionalize private credit
  • Lower transaction and middle-office costs

A token unlike any other

Unlike other tokens, Hamsa’s token is uniquely designed to meet the needs of alternative assets such as commercial loans, trade receivables, and inventory. Our tokenization process ingests deep data, starting with the original loan agreement or promise-to-pay. The data is cataloged into sections, making it easy to go deeply into the detail. With data from the original assets safely stored on an IPFS database, we also connect to dynamic data sources such as banking services, ecommerce trading platforms or supply chain logistics services, to update the status of the assets. Overall, this means we are tracking the transaction history and the performance of the assets throughout their time on our platform.

The Smart Admin Agent

Key benefits

  • Syndication automation
  • Trade-settlement automation
  • Payments automation
  • Reduce middle-office costs
  • Real-time settlement

Distribution Marketplace

Key benefits

  • Token & pool distribution
  • Closed & open loops
  • White-label platform
  • Potential for trading on compliant platforms