Setting the Global Standard for Blockchain Banking

With over $3.2B assets tokenized, Hamsa is the world’s leading rich data tokenization platform. By providing an interoperable DLT infrastructure to some of the world’s largest financial institutions we are transforming the way money, data and assets flow around the world.

Services, Built for the Most Demanding Institutions

Real-World Asset Tokenization

Hamsa’s end-to-end, rich-data tokenization platform transforms a wide variety of assets into digital tokens, enabling fast, secure, and compliant trading via a dynamic, two-sided marketplace.

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Programmable Payments

With Hamsa’s stablecoin infrastructure you can create retail stablecoins that provide new cross-border settlement and investment opportunities, or tokenize deposits to streamline internal operations.

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Automated Settlement

Designed for the world’s largest ETFs and mutual funds, Hamsa’s Automated Settlement platform cuts processing times and costs while increasing reliability and efficiency.

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Infrastructure to Unite the World's Financial Systems

Universal Confidential Ledger
Where Privacy Meets Interoperability

Hamsa's Universal Confidential Ledger (UCL) is a revolutionary interoperable platform that seamlessly integrates on and off-chain accounts, balances, transactions, and assets – inside and across banks.

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DREX Connect
Pioneering Brazil's Digital Real Solutions

Hamsa’s Premium CBDC sandbox contains all the functionality set by the Brazilian Central Bank within the Real Digital Pilot Program. Build your future-ready solutions today, based on market-leading technology.

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The Hamsa Difference

The Global Asset Network

Spanning the US, LATAM and APAC, Hamsa’s network connects the world’s largest financial institutions via private, secure, and scalable digital ledger technology.


Hamsa’s Universal Confidential Ledger (UCL) is built for on and off chain interoperability, solving our clients’ number one challenge and enabling the unification of the world’s financial systems.

Privacy & Security

State-of-the-art technology enables the sharing of data on a permission-only basis, keeping transaction data secure and confidential.
Local & Global

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