Uniting the World through Enlightened Trade

Led by a renowned Silicon Valley Webby-winning entrepreneur and the technology leader behind AliPay Global and AMEX China, Hamsa has tokenized over $3B private commercial assets and is growing fast. Backed by top-tier investors, Hamsa has offices in San Francisco, São Paulo, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Adam Zbar
Adam is a serial, Webby-winning Silicon Valley entrepreneur. As the founder and CEO of Sunbasket.com, Adam raised over $100M in venture capital, grew the e-commerce service from $0-300M in revenues in 4 years, and sold the company for $550M dollars. Adam started his career at McKinsey & Company.
Hubert Wu
Hubert is one of the world's foremost x-border payment leaders. As Head of Global Payment Engineering and Chief Architect, he built AliPay's and AliExpress' first x-border payment systems. He was also VP of technologies at Amex.
Paul Birks-Hay
Chief Marketing Officer
Paul is a veteran marketer who has led some of the world’s most celebrated creative agencies, and created exponential growth for companies such as Audi, Chipotle, Google, Diageo, and Mercedes-Benz.

At Hamsa, we believe that all of us have a part to play in creating a thriving, sustainable economy.

We believe that if the world’s leading financial institutions and the world’s top technology businesses work together we can revolutionize the $12T alternative assets market, and the global economy with it.

Today there is a $5T shortfall in private credit, meaning businesses around the world are struggling to operate or invest in their futures. On the investor side, with no common ledger for bills of exchange, no common risk assessment protocols, and no common marketplace, the alternative assets that do exist are largely illiquid and costly to manage.

Leveraging blockchain technology, digital currency and our unique rich data tokens, we are transforming the infrastructure that underpins the bank depository and alternative asset trading system. We are building an infrastructure that reduces the cost of managing alternative assets and that broadens access to this asset class for investors. An infrastructure that will enable banks and lenders to efficiently offer financing to more businesses, increasing liquidity worldwide

Together we are building an Enlightened Economy. A place where transparency reigns. Where we leverage the best of the existing financial system alongside the power of the blockchain. A place where everyone plays their part within a thriving, sustainable financial system.

Welcome to the Enlightened Economy.