DREX Connect By Hamsa

DREX Connect, by Hamsa, provides a premium sandbox environment for the Real Digital Pilot Program. Experience and prepare for BCB’s DREX go-live date with market-leading technology. Stay updated with all Central Bank updates through DREX Connect.

Save development time and get production-ready for the world of Drex today.
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Why Hamsa

The DREX Connect Advantage

Speed to Market

Reduce your development time and cost by leveraging Hamsa’s market-leading technology, based on participation in BCB DREX program.

Plug and Play

DREX Connect’s Treasury Management and Marketplace portals allow you to start using our sandbox straight away.

Prepare for the Future

Ensure a smooth transition to the DREX landscape by building your solutions ahead of time in the DREX Connect sandbox.

Stay Up-to-Date

With DREX Connect, automatically keep up with advancements, including evolving privacy, security and interoperability standards issued by BCB.
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Key Features of
DREX Connect

Tokenization Capability

Create the different assets available in the Real Digital Pilot program.

Treasury Management Portal

Use our robust interface for managing your balances of digital and fiat currencies. Streamline treasury functions with advanced tools designed for efficiency and usability.

Client Marketplace Portal

Create and manage a digital marketplace for tokenized assets. This portal facilitates seamless trading, offering both retail and wholesale payment solutions, and integrates easily with existing banking systems.

API Integration

Leverage API integration options for enhanced connectivity. Customize and extend functionality, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and future technologies.

White label Solutions

Use our customizable technology to quickly and simply brand your solution.

DREX Connect


  1. API connection between your bank and Hamsa Server via your Cloud Provider.
  2. Get access to the Treasury Portal via Hamsa’s server.
  3. Get access to the Marketplace via Hamsa’s server.
  4. Automatic or Manual Inputs to the Treasury Portal.
  5. White Label Connection between the Marketplace and your App/Web.
  6. Optional custody testing environment from Hamsa (obligatory for production environments)
  7. Connection to the blockchain test environment to register, create, mint and burn DvTs
  8. Optional flow for custody registration depending on the actions taken in item 7.

Provide investors access to your exclusive alternative assets

Hamsa has tokenized over $3B of assets worldwide, enabling originators to offer exclusive alternative assets to their private wealth clients, and to raise capital from new sources.
Real Estate
Tokenize large scale real-estate investments, include up-to-date data on performance, and offer fractionalized investment opportunities.
Pool trade receivables or credit card receivables, creating themed pools by region, category or product type.
Tokenize a variety of loans and structure products to create individual investment opportunities, or pool similar loans by region, category or product type.

Reduce cost with Hamsa's Smart Admin Agent

Coming soon, Hamsa's Smart Admin Agent automates trade settlement, reducing middle-office and third-party costs.

  • Syndication automation
  • Trade-settlement automation
  • Payments automation

Raise capital with our
themed pools

Create themed investment pools comprised of data rich tokens, and raise capital from new sources.

  • Rich data tokens track past and current performance
  • Reduce transaction costs with smart contracts
  • Settle in local currency or USDC
  • Distribute your pool privately or via one of our partner platforms. We partner with wealth networks of accredited investors, private trading platforms, and digital exchanges

Unleash the potential

of your assets

Case Study

Working with one of APAC's largest and most established B2B marketplaces, Hamsa created a themed receivables pool featuring receivables from Hong Kong's global suppliers. By leveraging rich ecommerce data from the B2B marketplace, Hamsa has enabled the financing of over 70,000 receivables, with zero dilution.
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