Tokenization Platform

Hamsa’s end-to-end, rich-data tokenization platform transforms a variety of real world assets into digital tokens, enabling fast, secure, and compliant trading via a dynamic, two-sided marketplace.
  • Offer a new class of assets to existing private-wealth investors.
  • Unlock new sources of capital.
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Why Hamsa

The Hamsa Advantage

Unique Rich Data Capability

Trade with Confidence. Hamsa's platform is uniquely able to catalog and represent an unmatched level of data on any given asset. With all data from the original assets, including video and rich data files, safely stored on an IPFS database, we also connect to dynamic data sources to deliver the live performance of the asset.

Extensive Stable of Alternative Assets

Offer new investment opportunities to existing private wealth clients and raise capital from new sources. Hamsa’s platform enables the tokenization of a diverse set of real world assets from real estate to receivables, and from loans to carbon credits.

Global Connectivity & Accessibility

Serving a diverse set of clients around the globe, Hamsa’s platform offers global interoperability and accessibility, widening your reach into the global marketplace.
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Key Features

Customized Smart Contract Capabilities

Utilizing the power of smart contracts, the platform provides automated, secure transactional capabilities. These self-executing contracts are tailored to meet the specific needs of Asset Originators, offering functionalities like dividend distribution while maintaining transparency and integrity.

End-to-End Platform

The platform offers APIs and a robust two-sided marketplace, giving Asset Originators the unique ability to tokenize and list their assets while also providing their investors with a dynamic platform for trading these assets.

Advanced Data Protection

Data confidentiality and integrity are paramount. The platform’s de-identification process ensures that personal identities are safeguarded, maintaining privacy while allowing for the efficient and secure handling of sensitive information.

Wallet Management

Offer a non-custodial wallet option, empowering users with the flexibility and autonomy to manage their digital assets securely and independently, ensuring peace of mind in their financial transactions.

Hamsa Solutions

Money Market Fund Security Token in APAC

This Hamsa-powered solution introduced security tokens for money market funds in the Asia-Pacific region, enabling their trade on digital exchanges. It represents a significant development in regional financial markets, offering an alternative method for asset trading with potentially quicker settlements and streamlined transaction processes.

Credit Card Receivables Tokens for Enhanced Liquidity

Transforming credit card receivables into tradable tokens, this solution enhances market liquidity and transparency in emerging economies. It provides an innovative avenue for investment, facilitating access to new forms of asset-backed securities.

Real Estate Fractionalization

Enabling fractional ownership in real estate, this solution broadens investment opportunities for private wealth clients of major banking institutions. It allows for smaller-scale investments in property assets, making real estate investment more accessible to a diverse range of investors.
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Provide investors access to your exclusive alternative assets

Hamsa has tokenized over $3B of assets worldwide, enabling originators to offer exclusive alternative assets to their private wealth clients, and to raise capital from new sources.
Real Estate
Tokenize large scale real-estate investments, include up-to-date data on performance, and offer fractionalized investment opportunities.
Pool trade receivables or credit card receivables, creating themed pools by region, category or product type.
Tokenize a variety of loans and structure products to create individual investment opportunities, or pool similar loans by region, category or product type.

Reduce cost with Hamsa's Smart Admin Agent

Coming soon, Hamsa's Smart Admin Agent automates trade settlement, reducing middle-office and third-party costs.

  • Syndication automation
  • Trade-settlement automation
  • Payments automation

Raise capital with our
themed pools

Create themed investment pools comprised of data rich tokens, and raise capital from new sources.

  • Rich data tokens track past and current performance
  • Reduce transaction costs with smart contracts
  • Settle in local currency or USDC
  • Distribute your pool privately or via one of our partner platforms. We partner with wealth networks of accredited investors, private trading platforms, and digital exchanges

Unleash the potential

of your assets

Case Study

Working with one of APAC's largest and most established B2B marketplaces, Hamsa created a themed receivables pool featuring receivables from Hong Kong's global suppliers. By leveraging rich ecommerce data from the B2B marketplace, Hamsa has enabled the financing of over 70,000 receivables, with zero dilution.
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