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Get expert insights on Drex and its use cases—stay ahead in the tokenized economy.

Building a business case for drex

Explore strategic insights and practical guidance for advocating the adoption of Drex solutions within your financial institution. Learn how to leverage the unique benefits and financial advantages they offer, aligning with the transformative potential of blockchain technology and the Central Bank of Brazil's model to drive impactful change in the financial landscape.

Introduction to Drex

Overview of Drex

Drex represents Brazil's Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), designed to modernize the financial system by leveraging blockchain technology for secure, efficient, and inclusive financial transactions. It operates both as a digital currency and a platform facilitating a broader range of financial services, including tokenization and streamlined payments.

Note: To fully understand Drex and its objective, we strongly recommend to visit one of our resources 'What is Drex? The Ultimate Guide'.

Strategic Importance

Integrating Drex solution or infrastructure into your financial institution's operations isn't just about adopting new technology; it's about strategically positioning your organization in a rapidly evolving tokenized economy. Drex offers an opportunity to enhance operational efficiencies, increase value for customers, and open up new revenue streams.

Building a Business Case

To champion Drex within your organization, it’s crucial to articulate a clear, data-driven business case that outlines the tangible benefits Drex can deliver. This involves:

  1. Demonstrating how Drex aligns with and advances your institution's IT goals.
  2. Identify specific pain points or opportunities within your current operations where Drex can provide a solution or advantage, such as issues in receivables management and inefficiencies in Duplicatas trading.
  3. Presenting a comparative analysis showing Drex's potential for cost savings, revenue generation, risk mitigation, and compliance enhancement versus traditional banking systems and other digital methods.
  4. Highlighting the strategic value of early adoption, including gaining a competitive edge, enhancing your brand as an innovator, and shaping the future of financial services in alignment with digital currency trends.

Understanding the Drex Ecosystem

Drex Platform Overview

Drex, Brazil’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), is in pilot mode, serving as a testbed for innovation in digital payments. Based on secure blockchain technology, it's designed to modernize and streamline financial transactions across Brazil's economy. Here are key features that are important to build your business case.

Key Features

  • Immediate Settlement: Transactions on Drex are finalized almost instantaneously, reducing the time lag found in traditional banking systems.
  • Lower Transaction Costs: By eliminating intermediaries, Drex reduces transaction fees for both consumers and businesses.
  • Enhanced Security: Leveraging blockchain's inherent security features, Drex offers a more secure transaction environment, minimizing fraud and cyber threats.
  • Financial Inclusion: With the aim of reaching Brazil's unbanked population, Drex is accessible through mobile technology, broadening access to financial services.

Role in Brazil's Digital Economy

As part of Brazil's digital economy, Drex plays a crucial role in facilitating efficient, secure, and inclusive financial transactions. Its development aligns with Brazil's strategy to enhance digital infrastructure and financial services, promising to transform how individuals and businesses interact with money. By integrating Drex into Brazil's financial infrastructure, the Central Bank of Brazil aims to position the country at the forefront of digital finance innovation despite the ongoing pilot testing phase with participating banks. This strategic move not only tests the feasibility and impacts of implementing a CBDC but also sets the stage for a more agile, secure, and inclusive financial ecosystem in Brazil.

Strategic Benefits of Adopting Drex

Enhanced Efficiency

  • Drex significantly aims to optimize payment processes and shorten settlement times. Unlike conventional banking systems, which can take days for transactions to clear, Drex transactions will be settled in real time. This efficiency will not only improve liquidity management for financial institutions but also enhance customer satisfaction by providing immediate access to funds.

Improved Security and Trust

  • Due to its DLT nature, Drex employs advanced cryptographic techniques, ensuring a high level of transaction security. This security framework minimizes the risk of fraud and cyberattacks, building stronger trust between the financial institution and its customers. Trust is further enhanced by the Central Bank of Brazil’s backing, providing a level of assurance unmatched by private digital currencies.

Financial Inclusion

  • Drex's design specifically addresses accessibility, making financial services available to Brazil's unbanked and underbanked populations. After the implementation by the Central Bank, by leveraging mobile technology, Drex ensures that financial services are within reach of a broader audience, potentially expanding the customer base of financial institutions and contributing to economic inclusivity.

Financial Inclusion

  • Adopting Drex into your IT infrastructure positions your financial institution as a leader in the adoption of innovative digital payment systems. It opens the door to developing new financial products and services tailored to a digital-first market, ensuring your institution remains competitive. The ability to offer Drex-based solutions can differentiate an institution in a crowded market, appealing to consumers and businesses looking for efficient, secure, and innovative financial services.

Financial Benefits of Adopting Drex

Instead of juggling multiple windows on your computer screen to develop your business case, we've compiled an extensive list of benefits to assist you in building a robust argument for your financial institution. When assessing benefits, it's crucial to consider the financial gains for your institution, whether the objective is to attract more customers, expand market share, or enter new financial markets. We're here to support you every step of the way. Below, we outline the three primary financial advantages of implementing a Drex solution, drawing on the principles of blockchain technology and the Central Bank of Brazil's model.

Cost Reduction

  • Adopting Drex leads to substantial cost savings by streamlining transaction processes and eliminating the need for intermediaries. This efficiency reduces operational expenses tied to payment processing and settlement, as Drex operates on a lean, automated infrastructure. Moreover, the digital nature of Drex minimizes costs associated with handling and storing physical currency.

Revenue Growth Opportunities

  • Drex opens up new avenues for revenue generation through innovative financial products and services. By incorporating Drex into its offerings, financial institutions can attract a wider customer base interested in modern, digital solutions for payments, savings, and investments. This includes tapping into niche markets that traditional banking services may not currently serve, such as microtransactions and digital asset investments.

Risk Mitigation

  • The deployment of Drex and its related-services significantly lowers financial and operational risks. Its blockchain-based infrastructure ensures enhanced security and immutability of transactions, reducing the risk of fraud and cyberattacks. Additionally, by adhering to the regulatory standards set forth by the Central Bank of Brazil, financial institutions can avoid compliance risks. The stability and reliability offered by Drex, backed by the central bank, further mitigate the volatility risks associated with other digital currencies, ensuring safer, more secure transactions for both the institution and its clients.

Building a Business Case

Is the Project Worth Doing?

Consider Pix and Open Finance's rollout by Brazil's Central Bank — a clear lesson in adaptability. Institutions that failed to adapt quickly saw their customer base shrink. With Drex, your institution faces a complex but vital opportunity. The central question isn't whether to adapt but where to focus within the myriad use cases Drex offers. To determine the viability of a Drex initiative, address these core considerations:

  1. What is your goal? Outline the objectives behind a Drex solution you would like to adopt. Is it to enhance your payments infrastructure, improve security measures, or capture a new customer segment?
  2. What obstacles are currently in the way? Identify challenges preventing goal achievement.
  3. What level of change is required to overcome these obstacles? Determine the extent of adjustments needed in your operations to implement Drex effectively. Gauge the scale of transformation required, from system upgrades to staff training and education.
  4. Is this solution likely to resolve the issue? Assess the likelihood of Drex addressing the identified challenges effectively.

Note: Remember, there are countless approaches and use cases to Drex. Reach out to Hamsa to help you achieve your goals.

When to Use a Business Case

Create a business case when seeking approval or resources for a project. It’s essential when:

  • Persuading project sponsors to kick-start an initiative.
  • Requesting budget allocation from finance teams.
  • Gaining commitment from IT or other departments for needed resources.

A well-crafted business case convinces stakeholders of the strategic importance and the tangible benefits of the Drex project. Ensure that your financial institution gains a competitive and first-mover advantage.

How to Write a Business Case

Remember, a business case is your communication tool. Here’s how to make it effective. 

  • Direct and to the Point: Focus on what’s important. Don’t cloud the issue with unnecessary detail.
  • Clear Language: Use straightforward language that all stakeholders can understand.
  • Highlighting Value: Stress on how Drex aligns with business objectives and the tangible benefits it offers.
  • Consistency in Style: Maintain a consistent tone and style throughout the document to ensure readability. Use bullet points and subheadings to break up text and make it easier to digest. Visual aids like graphs and charts can illustrate key points effectively.
  • Risk Assessment: Outline the risks associated with implementing Drex, as well as not implementing it. Offer a balanced view that considers both potential challenges and mitigation strategies to demonstrate due diligence and comprehensive planning.
  • Resource Allocation: Detail the resources required for the project, from funding to personnel and technology. Provide a realistic appraisal of the investment needed and the anticipated return on investment, reinforcing the business case's credibility.

How to Write a Business Case

There are four sections to a Business Case.

  • Executive Summary
  • Finance
  • Project Definition
  • Project Organization

This will depend on your organization's needs and wants. Feel free to customize as much as you want.








A concise overview, summarizing the business case's key points, crafted last to ensure it captures the essence of the project effectively.



How much?

Focused on financial implications, this section is essential for stakeholders approving funding, highlighting financial appraisal, consultation with finance experts, and includes:


Financial Appraisal

How much?

Identifies project financial implications, compares costs against benefits, ensures affordability, assesses value for money and predicts cash flow.


Sensitivity Analysis

How much?

Evaluates project risk by examining the impact of variable changes.




A concise overview, summarizing the business case's key points, crafted last to ensure it captures the essence of the project effectively.


Background Information


Offers a clear introduction and rationale for the project.


Business Objective


Defines the project goal and its alignment with business strategy.


Background Information


Lists financial and non-financial benefits and acknowledges any limitations.


Option Identification & Selection


Discusses potential solutions and recommends the best option.


Scope, Impact, and Interdependencies


Lists financial and non-financial benefits and acknowledges any limitations.


Outline Plan

What? When? Who?

Provides a summary of main activities and project schedule.


Market Assessment


Includes analysis like PESTLE to understand the business context.


Risk Assessment


Summarizes significant project risks and opportunities and their management strategies.




Describes the methodology for project execution.


Purchasing Strategy


Details the financial strategy for the project, including procurement processes.



How? Who?

Details project structure and governance, of interest to project managers and teams, featuring:


Project governance

How? Who?

Outlines the project’s structure and decision-making processes.


Progress Reporting


Defines how project progress is monitored and reported.

Making the Business Case

While comprehensive, the business case should not overwhelm:

  • Brevity with Substance: Ensure that the document is succinct yet covers all critical aspects of the Drex project.
  • Customization: Adapt the length and detail to match the complexity of the project. Use appendices for supplementary data, maintaining a clear and focused main narrative.
  • Clear Structure: Organize the document into distinct sections, each answering pivotal questions regarding the project's rationale and implementation.

Identifying Stakeholders

Determine who within the organization has a vested interest in the Drex adoption, from C-level executives to operational staff.

  • Identification: List all the departments, groups, and individuals who will be impacted by or have influence over Drex's solution.
  • Analysis: Determine the influence and interest of each stakeholder on the project. High-influence, high-interest stakeholders will be your primary focus.
  • Prioritization: Rank stakeholders based on their impact on the project's success and the degree to which the project impacts them.

Pro Tip: Accuracy in presentation is as important as content quality. Errors in grammar or spelling can undermine the business case's effectiveness, so make sure you proofread.

Making a Case for Drex

To wrap up, adopting Drex is about gaining a competitive advantage in a fast-evolving financial landscape. It boils down to efficiency, reaching more customers, and being ready for future financial trends while providing value. We've outlined how to evaluate if Drex fits your institution's goals, the importance of communicating its benefits effectively, and addressing any potential concerns head-on.

It's time to consider how Drex can benefit your institution. By moving towards a Drex-first strategy, you’re not just keeping up; you’re aiming to lead in digital finance. If you have any questions, please email us at, or request to join the Drex & Beyond Community-more information below.

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Get expert insights on Drex and its use cases—stay ahead in the tokenized economy.